Phil Wilson, Pneuma Communications

Phil Wilson, Pneuma Communications


How long has Pneuma Communications been established?
We started in 2003 as a data company doing IT support and then we moved into mobile data in 2007.

Where are you based?
We are based in Brookmans Park, which is in Hatfield, Hertfordshire. We also have an office in Manchester to support our northern customers.

How many staff do you have?
There are seven members of staff: three salespeople, one account manager and three members in the admin team.

Where did the name Pneuma Communications come from?

Pneuma is Greek for spirit and communication. I wanted something a bit different from ‘business mobile’ and I think once people are familiar with it, they don’t forget it.

What is the main focus of your business?

We try and do the whole package from mobile to landlines, and help customers configure their BlackBerry Enterprise Servers.

What networks do you connect?
We are business partners with T-Mobile and Yes Telecom. We still do the others, but we primarily do T-Mobile and Vodafone.

What makes you attractive to prospective customers?
The fact that we are T-Mobile business partners helps, but we also have low overheads and can offer very competitive deals. We give personal customer service 24/7 and the majority of our customers come through referrals.

What is your typical customer profile?
Our primary base of customers is in the mid SME range, we can provide between 15 and 1,000 handsets per customer. Our biggest client has 750 handsets.

What is your bestselling product?
BlackBerrys account for 90% of the products we sell, but we are starting to concentrate more on landlines. We want to be able to supply a service to the customer and cross sell it. We are looking to retain the customer and offer as wide a service as possible. It is a very competitive market out there and it is not just about winning, it is about retaining. We are now looking at applications for lone workers and we also provide vehicle tracking solutions.

What handset do you use?
I use the BlackBerry 9700 Bold.

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