Phil Rider, OneStream

Phil Rider, OneStream


How long has the business been established?
The Digital Phone Company has been around for 16 years and we have 11 shops in the East Anglia region. The OneStream division was separated around 18 months ago, after we decided to go down the unified comms route.

What prompted the creation of OneStream?
We thought it was logical for our customers to use us as one point of call for mobile, landline, VoIP, broadband and vehicle tracking. They have access to one account manager, one bill and that is where the OneStream concept came from. We were doing it before we created OneStream. We felt the Digital Phone Company is a well-known brand and we felt we could provide the same level of service in the b2b space.

How many employees are there in the company?
There are 50 employees across the whole company and around 10 staff working on OneStream. The directors work across both companies. There is a board of directors. My wife and myself own the company, we then have a sales director, operations director, finance director and IT director. Between us, we have 90 years of experience. We also have a business development director, Brian Gunn, who used to work for Norwich City FC.

What networks do you connect?
We are a Vodafone Premier Partner and have the facility to connect other networks.

What is your key client profile?
The SME sector is our core profile – customers with five to 50 handsets. These days, any small to medium business has to watch their costs very carefully. They will be keen to have anything that saves time and money.

What makes OneStream different from other dealers?
We have a lot of experience and a very strong regional profile in East Anglia. It allows us to deliver a high quality service locally. We are here on the ground, working with the region.

What is your current focus?
We want to continue to grow and get the message out about unified communications. We are inviting 60 customers to a technology seminar in April so they can have a look for themselves. We are approaching it as an educational exercise. We will focus on delivering Vodafone OneNet when the product goes live. I have been in the industry for 25 years and this is the most excited I have ever been about it.

Would you expand the business nationally?
Our immediate objective is to own East Anglia, but never say ‘never’.

What is your bestselling product?
BlackBerry is a number one seller especially now that BlackBerry Express is effectively a free product. HTC is coming up the rails as well.

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