Marcus Richardson, Pure Mobile

Marcus Richardson, Pure Mobile
When was Pure Mobile established?
Pure was incorporated in March 2006. I have been in b2b telcos for 13 years, and myself and Gavin Tedstone felt that there was an opportunity in the market to create a national high quality b2b business.

Where are you based?
We have our head office in Northampton and seven regional offices across the country, from the bottom of Newcastle to the bottom of the South Coast.

How many employees are there in the company?
There are 75 employees.

What is your business model?
We have a very distinct business model, which includes a direct acquisition channel. Essentially, the business philosophy works on four distinct areas. ‘Challenge Us’ is our UK national sales force, which looks for the best deals for the customer. ‘Easy Switch’ is about driving down the cost to connect and making the transition from mobile providers seamless. ‘Total Care’ is a one-stop shop for our customers from BlackBerry support to technical questions. And Refresh is a dedicated life cycle management team, which revolves around key KPIs.

What is your core customer profile?
We are focused on SOHO connections and the ‘S’ in SME. We think there is more opportunity in that area to drive higher ARPU. There are three million of those types of businesses in the UK and we believe we are the only business that covers the segment on a national basis.

What networks do you connect?
We are all about choice and we are the only company in the UK that connects directly to all four networks. We manage to maintain those relationships because of the quality of the connections we achieve – we are ruthless on quality. We have a three-year strategic deal with Vodafone, ?and connect O2, Orange and T-Mobile directly.

What areas of the business will you be focusing on in the future?
Unified Comms and convergence is high up there on our list. We have our own internal unified comms team and a 46% penetration of secondary products. When we own a customer, we work with them to drive secondary penetration into the customer.

What phone do you use?
I have got an iPhone, which Vodafone gave me, and a Nokia E51.
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