Jeff Dandy, Aztec Telecoms

Jeff Dandy, Aztec Telecoms
How long have you been established?
We started off predominantly doing mobile in 2002 and two or three years ago we started doing landline as well.

What networks do you connect?
We connect all the networks at the moment. We do quite a lot of O2 – most of our connections are done through HSC – and we also have a good relationship with Midland.

Where are you based?

We are based in Middlesbrough in the North East.

How many people do you employ?

It’s just me and my wife.

What is your typical client profile?
Most of our customers are SMEs who have between two and five phones. But our biggest customer has 200 connections.

What makes Aztec different from other dealers?

We pride ourselves on giving the customer what they want. ?We sit down with the customer and understand what they ?need. We keep in regular contact and have got a really high retention rate. Most of our customers have been with us since the start.

Where did the name Aztec come from?

It stands for A to Z – everything mobile and telecoms for business.

What are your best selling products?
We sell a lot of BlackBerry products. I use a BlackBerry 9700 (pictured) and it’s a fantastic business phone. But I always tell customers, if they are never going to be out of the office, they are never going to need a BlackBerry. More and more customers who never thought they would use a BlackBerry are raving about it.

What is your biggest challenge?
Finding new business. We do get a lot of referral business and also do quite a lot of networking events – it worked out better for us to spend our time networking rather than sitting on the phone all day.

How easy is it selling landline?

A good proportion of our customers are now landline customers. They are more than happy for me to look after their landline and broadband side of things.
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