Mobile Industry Awards

Best Manufacturer - Samsung

There could be only one winner in the eyes of the judging panel. What continues to make Samsung the dominant force in the smartphone market today is an approach to technology that continues to show innovation and a handset range that appeals to all demographics. The ‘Galaxy’ moniker has stuck in the minds of the consumer, giving them an entry point into the broadest mobile product range on the market today, from its pocket-friendly, budget handsets, right up to its flagship devices.The Samsung Galaxy S III has achieved massive financial success, proving that Apple does not have to be the first and last word in smartphone innovation. On top of that there has also been an appetite for larger-screen devices driven by products such as the Galaxy Note, which has coined its own product category – the ‘phablet.’Perhaps not as impactful in the tablet space as Apple, the Galaxy Tablet range is the second largest in terms of market share behind the unstoppable juggernaut that is the iPad, with beautiful devices like the Note 10.1 standing out in particular. Samsung is leading the way in choice, ease of use and how its products sit within the device ecosystem. One panellist remarked: ‘Samsung has the range, marketing support and choice of operating systems to delight the consumer. It sets the benchmark for any manufacturer.’