Mobile Industry Awards

Phone of the Year – Samsung Galaxy S III

The Samsung Galaxy S III was the dominant phone of the last year, with worldwide sales of over 50 million units creating buzz on an unprecedented scale. Building on the success of the S II, Samsung threw everything in terms of elegant design, build quality, features and power into the mix when producing this truly world-class handset. The larger 4.8-inch screen, quad-core processing power and outstanding Samsung features such as Pop-Up Play and S Voice made it a unique and striking phone and a must-have gadget. The panel felt the device created excitement, generated record-breaking sales and left its mark on the consumer’s imagination.‘The jump from the S II to the S III is a remarkable one,’ said one judge. ‘It’s the first phone that turned Apple on its head; it transformed Samsung and propelled the Android operating system even further.’Samsung’s LTE-enabled version of the handset has future-proofed the device for the oncoming 4G revolution and its successor, the Samsung Galaxy S 4, has already broken through the 10 million sales mark, smashing previous records. The judges felt the S III was a revolutionary phone for Samsung, raising its game as a manufacturer.  

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Samsung Galaxy S III
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