Mobile Industry Awards

Best High Street Retailer - Phones 4u

Phones 4u has showed consistent success in a changing market, boasting over £1bn in revenue for the retail business, 73.2% growth in online and a record number of exclusive devices secured across 2012 and into 2013.Where the Jump tariff led, the industry has followed, with Vodafone Red Hot and O2’s Refresh propositions responding to the challenge. Phones 4u also showed that it has listened to its customers by launching Phones 4u Care, currently with a take-up rate of over 60% and with an expected one milion customers by the end of this year.A £2.5m investment in its people over the last year has seen staff turnover reduced by 45%, with three out of four Phones 4u staffers saying they were proud to work for the company. On top of that 100 new stores were opened, creating 2,829 jobs in tough economic times.Brand awareness and customer satisfaction are also up, with NPS scores taken after 30 days rising from (51% to 54%) and an increasing number of customers coming back to Phones 4u for their upgrades.‘Phones 4u is one of the most instantly recognisable and lively brands on the high street, and it has been on a journey over the last few years,’ said one judge. ‘This is the right time for it.’ Last year’s success was an obvious source of pride for the retailer and its continued investment in retail estate, staff, innovations in service and well-targeted marketing make Phones 4u the best retailer on the high street yet again.

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Phones 4u