Roaming prices finally fall – just in time for summer

Roaming prices finally fall – just in time for summer

It’s been a week where the impossible has been made possible. This was perhaps most evident in the extraordinary turnaround at the Etihad Stadium, where Manchester City sensationally won the Premiership title at the death after two late goals sealed a 3-2 win over QPR.

And it has also been evident with some of the recent events in the mobile space.

For example, the cost of using mobile phones while abroad is finally set to fall after the European Commission voted overwhelmingly in favour of reducing charges. The new proposals will come into force from 1 July and include a cap on data roaming for the first time.

The new rules will also help to open up the market to new entrants and thus increase competition. Under the proposed changes, a downloaded megabyte will cost no more than 70 cents from July 2012, 45 cents in July 2013 and 20 cents in July 2014. There is currently no price ceiling for data services.

The cost of making a call abroad will fall from its current rate of 35 cents per minute to 29 cents from July 2012, 24 cents from July 2013 and 19 cents from July 2014. The cost of messaging will fall from 11 cents to six cents by July 2014.

People travelling outside of the European Union will get a text message warning them if they spend more than €50 per month. Europeans will also be able to buy their roaming services from a different provider when travelling abroad. At last, what should have happened long ago seems to have become a reality.

The other thing that struck me this week was the amazing progress Three continues to make in the UK market. It is now competing in the big league and is looking to expand its retail offering and customer base at a rapid rate – it wants to increase the number of its stores to 400 within the next 24 months and double its customer base to 10 million.

Having attended Three’s impressive business update recently, it’s safe to say that the network has become more than just ‘noisy neighbours’ to the more established operators.

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