Life’s getting better for LG

Life’s getting better for LG

There's a growing confidence in LG’s mobile offering, as the manufacturer says it has ‘turned the corner’. There are also predictions that the next set of results will show a growth in its market share,  as its devices begin to gain greater traction with both its channel partners and consumers.

This is due to the commitment that LG has made to the UK market, by continuing to invest in its people and products and although still early days, the signs are looking positive for Q4.

The turnaround is also due to Andy Coughlin, the head of LG’s UK mobile operation, who has not only fixed the channel execution but also made sure customers get more access to live devices within stores. Pundits have said his industry experience has steered the LG revival, as he continues to find new outlets for LG products in a creative manner after shaking off the earlier more cautious approach to the smartphone market.

He has already attracted new partners – A1 Comms being one of the significant signings – and he has also re-engaged with Three. And there are promises of more to come. Also, more recruits are expected to arrive at LG Towers to bolster the drive forward.

The successful collaboration with Google on the Nexus 4, and the growing popularity of its L-Series of phones – particularly over pricing – is a testament to some of the skilful marketing techniques he has adopted.The Nexus 4, which boasts all-LG hardware, has smashed through all predictions, and is getting rave reviews from industry experts. ‘It is our technology,’ Coughlin proudly says.And with Mobile World Congress just around the corner, the launch of new LTE-enabled products should also have a significant impact.

The strengthening of LG’s position is a positive for the market, as it continues to battle with other manufacturers to break the stranglehold of Apple and Samsung, which have plied their products with huge financial resources.

Coughlin is acutely aware that LG needs to continue to find imaginative ways to sell not only its mobile devices but also the whole converged package that it’s offering, to continue with the progress shown so far.

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