Samsung's sense of drama at the S4 launch

Samsung's sense of drama at the S4 launch

Samsung’s Unpacked event was more of a spectacle than a phone launch, an enormous theatrical production at New York’s incredible Radio City venue that must have cost a fortune and showed a company at the top of its game, and well and truly knowing it.

Samsung phone launches are now amongst the biggest of the year, perhaps even more widely anticipated than Apple’s unveilings, which must have the Californian trendsetters more than a little worried. It showed, as Mobile Choice was trapped in a line longer than Pinocchio’s nose after a particularly devious fib. Everyone was clutching their Galaxy S III orNote II, chatting excitedly about the tech that was about to be revealed.

Inside, the dramatics continued. Massive banners made it impossible to forget why you were there, and settling into your seat you had a feeling that you were about to see something life-changing rather than a simple smartphone. When the curtains raised, and an orchestra elevated from beneath the stage, it only confirmed it.

The launch itself wasn’t a mere dishing out of specs, it was a play in four parts (how appropriate) with actors demonstrating the (many) features and how they’ll be of use in real life. From the dual-recording camera which is an extension of LG’s Optimus G Pro’s front-and-rear-camera abilities, to the wireless charging and ability to use the screen with gloves, it seemed that a lot of the Galaxy S4’s features had already been seen, but of courseSamsung’s implementation is unique and we’re looking forward to checking them out away from preview booths.

The phone itself looks familiar, but packs in some impressive specs as expected, including an octo-core processor that’s apparently 30% more efficient in terms of battery life compared to the Galaxy S III. With all the bright lights and drama the Galaxy S4 almost seemed a little standard, but of course it’s a gorgeous and feature-packed mobile that will undoubtedly be among the best and sell silly numbers.

Author: Chris Barraclough, reviews editor at Mobile Choice

Written by Mobile Today
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