The Odd Call

The Odd Call


As Valentine’s Day rolled around last week it was inevitable that the marketing men would be out in force to make sure we knew what day it was, and even the world of mobile couldn’t be left out. (who else) commissioned a study asking single people about their sexual behaviours and phone preferences (I know, romantic, right?) They found that Android users were the most promiscuous, while BlackBerry owners had more orgasms than iOS fans. So, at least there was something to celebrate. Curiously, only 65% of Android users wanted to have MORE sex this year, which begs the question: what is the other 35% thinking about all day?


Getting skirty

Ok, ok, this wearable tech thing is becoming a bit of joke now. At the Odd Call we’re always open to the idea of advancing technology for the benefit of human kind, but a skirt made of smartphones? Nokia? Really? London Fashion Week never fails to bring the weird and wonderful to the capital, and as smartwatches and Google Glass being to dominate the tech headlines, the Finnish manufacturer and designer Fyodor Golan decided to take wearables to a whole new level by creating a skirt made of Lumia 1520 and 1020 devices. ‘It's so much more than a skirt made of phones, it's playing with the idea of how tech can influence and be influenced by the world around it,’ said Nokia’s Annie Kearney. Right.


Unhealthy APPetite

How can you make fast food even faster? That’s right, develop an app. Californian eatery Taco Bell has announced it will launch its app after a successful trial. Customers will be able to order, customise and pay for their order before they reach the restaurant. All they need to do is walk in and physically pick it up, although some fast food joints have created apps that allow customers to describe their car so an employee can deliver the food without the user moving a muscle. Only in America...


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