5 things that hurt HTC’s sales

5 things that hurt HTC’s sales

1)      Lack of a clear identity

A major problem for HTC is that its brand doesn’t shine through as clearly as its competitors. There was a point a few years back when the American market really bought into what HTC was about; its share was high and it stood out from other manufacturers. Since then however it has struggled as the differences between handsets has become less noticeable. They must improve how they communicate what makes HTC unique, or risk slipping into an identity crisis of Motorola or BlackBerry proportions.


2) A Focus on ‘soft’ features

Many of the features that have been highlighted by HTC in its latest set of products promotional materials were software features; innovations on apps that can be downloaded to any non-HTC device. It was bizarre to see so much time given to something that was not a phone feature. Less focus should have been placed on the fun things that the selfie app does and more on innovations like the HTC Eye’s uncovered waterproof charging portals.


3) Blurring the brand

The RE joins the Nexus and Zoe in HTC’s sort-of branded products, with HTC struggling for clarity diluting its name more with clearly doesn’t help. Even if consumers really like any of these other product lines there’s no guarantee that they’ll return to buy a HTC phone. As brands like Microsoft know all too well; a strong name even in a similar tech market doesn’t guarantee phone sales.


4) Not turning awards into rewards

It’s great to be loved by reviewers and have handsets that win award after award. But if you are lagging behind rivals in sales for devices that have inferior reviews, you have to ask why? HTC needs to find a way of communicating its amazing reviews over to the consumer and fast.


5) Who are they selling to?

Currently HTC has a wide range of products targeting a number of different demographics. There is a lack of clarity sometimes with its product range regarding who specifically the phones are targeted at. In particular those at the younger, more affordable end of the spectrum. Its devices that are aimed at this market still carry a reasonably high price point and too many features. It is one thing to say one size does not fit all, it is another to be able to explain to the customer why a different product is right for them.


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