Great expectations

Great expectations

It’s taken for granted these days that you can carry a computer more powerful than the hefty desktops of the 90s in your pocket everywhere you go. Pictures and videos can be casually recorded using cameras that once would have been considered the highest industry standard. While long-lost friends can be discovered at the swipe of a finger.

The speed at which technology has developed in the past 15 to 20 years has been incredible, but just as fast to evolve have been expectations. People expect to be connected everywhere they go and to be able to use their devices to their full capacity the whole time. A consistent, seamless experience is no longer an aspiration for technology companies – it’s a demand from consumers. 

That’s not to say that in certain areas the customer isn’t enticed into pushing the limits of the services they use. EE’s decision to offer 100GB to Pay as You Go customers who top up £10 is one example of a technology company encouraging the consumer to demand more. There is a clear motivation behind this of course – the more data EE’s customers get used to using the more they’ll sign up for next time, which can only benefit the network. 

Telefonica in Spain has also been encouraging customers into new behaviours with the release of its ‘quintuple-play’ service, which offers home security using the customer’s broadband connection. Whether or not the service takes off remains to be seen – 24-hour, 365-day home surveillance is not currently a service expectation of the consumer, but then again neither were many aspects of our mobile phone contracts that we now take for granted.       


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