Things we learned this week...

Things we learned this week...

Get by with a little help from (unlikely) friends

This week there were a number of examples of cross industry collaboration: One from the skies the other in the home. As not spots make daily headlines, networks are implementing satellite technology to boost coverage.

This convergence shows that going forward coverage solutions will come from a combination of non-traditional industries. With the targets that networks have been set by government the tools used to deliver comprehensive coverage will continue to surprise us.

From connecting to masts to connecting to home hubs, British Gas demonstrated the convergence of utilities expanding its footprint in the connectivity market with a range of connected home products. The fact that a utilities provider is prepared to throw money at the IoT shows that connectivity is becoming a priority across the board, with the connected home in particular generating interest.

The UK is ‘on the brink’ of IoT connections, but consumers are still relatively unaware of its uses. With manufacturers mostly throwing their weight behind the advent of IoT, the support of a major British brand may what the market needs to encourage consumers to make use of it.

The naming game

Nokia came forward this week to discuss its not so imminent return to mobile, stating 2016 as a possible comeback year using a brand licensing model. This is not the first time Nokia has dabbled in brand licensing but it’s interesting the power that its brand still holds with the consumer.

The power of a name can work in two ways, companies can try to associate themselves with a strong brand presence to boost their own market presence, or they can channel the brand to target a different area of the market. The latter is currently being deployed by Huawei who recently appointed a new UK head of its Honor smartphone division. Huawei successfully operates this multi-brand strategy in its home market and it will be fascinating to see whether it can successfully make the transition to Europe.


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