The iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus…The industry reacts

The iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus…The industry reacts

Following the announcement of Apple’s new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus smartphones, here’s what the UK mobile industry has been saying:

‘The iPhone 6s takes the popular redesign of last year's iPhone, and revamps it both inside and out. Stronger glass and a new aluminium body should put 'bend gate' to bed once and for all, while the widely-anticipated 3D Touch delivers a new way to interact with our phones.

‘Rarely does Apple innovate for innovation's sake. 3D Touch takes established functionality and embeds it in a phone, meaning this isn’t a gimmick, it’s a natural evolution - much like Fingerprint ID.

‘Peek and pop introduces pressure sensitivity, enabling multitasking throughout the device and breathing new life into once familiar apps, complete with vibration feedback for physical confirmation of actions.

‘Whilst Apple doesn't traditionally engage in resolution wars, introducing a camera that can record in 4K resolution means this new device truly delivers bleeding edge technology.

‘This is an iPhone 7 in all but name. Given the engineering tweaks, 3D Touch and a rose gold version, Apple could probably have got away with naming it so.’

Argus Insights

‘Apple's latest iteration of the iPhone was released on September 9th, along with a few other 'surprises.'  This release is scheduled amid saturation in the market, leaving us with the question: how much demand is still latent in the market for the 6S...or whatever designation Tim rolls out on the stage?

‘We’ve already seen Smartphone demand slack tremendously this year, impacting Samsung and the entire China market as consumers hold on to ‘good enough’ handsets.  So, will this fall be Apple’s last bumper crop of iPhones? Or has the market fallen too far from their tree of Heart’s Delights? Our reading of consumers matches public comments by CEO John Feland earlier this year, that Apple has one good cycle left in them, barring any earth shattering innovations.’

‘This upcoming round of iPhones is likely to be the iPhone’s Farewell tour.  Market demand of future handsets will not be as high because the innovation pipeline has apparently run out of good (compelling enough for consumers to upgrade) ideas.  iPhone sales are unlikely to hit the same peaks at next year’s upgrade cycle as the level of smartphone saturation tips to replacement over new users.’

Futuresource Consulting

‘The outlook for the global consumer electronics market is 2.8% growth this year. Mobile now accounts for 47% of total CE and continues to grow in importance.

‘In terms of the competition, Apple continues to grow strongly in 2015 at 27%, continuing to put pressure on its nearest competitors.

‘Apple clearly is a significant player in the hot segments of the consumer electronics sector particularly the smartphone space which accounts for the lions share of the company revenues. The iPhone has been a dependable source of return for investors and the industry has been waiting in anticipation for the iPhone 6s.’



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