Things we learned this week: VoLTE mania, millennial madness & Apple's ambitions

Things we learned this week: VoLTE mania, millennial madness & Apple's ambitions

VoLTE victory?

Three claimed a VoLTE victory this week, pipping rival networks to the post and launching a 4G Super-Voice service that will transmit a lower frequency spectrum. This spectrum is expected to enable signal to penetrate through buildings.

This should enable users to obtain signal in places where this was previously not possible, however as a compatible device is required to use this feature, it’s unlikely to cause waves of excitement amongst consumers. The new technology is expected to simply streamline 4G connections, not create an entirely new voice-calling experience.

Many companies and consumers have yet to make the leap to 4G but there’s already talk of a better, faster service as well as plans to commercialise a 5G network by 2020. Innovations in new technology are vital to mobile, however, for the consumers suffering from coverage not spots, the more interesting prospect is whether it will work. If VoLTE and 800MHz spectrum gives the results Three claim it will, it might make the prospect of 5G more exciting.

Millennial madness

Digital natives are an important target audience in the mobile industry. Companies are keen to direct their marketing and products to young millennials, but how much difference are they making to mobile? The entrance of Generation Y into the workforce means that attitudes are changing. According to Active Business Comms, this could be the push needed to bring about convergence between IT and telecoms.

Changing demographics seem to have had an effect on a number of other industries and so there is no reason why the same cannot be done for mobile. Generation Y bring with them new expectations on an employer, as well as a new way of thinking when it comes to technology.

The integration of IT and telecoms systems is a topic much discussed about but there hasn’t been much progress in terms of implementing convergence. Perhaps the tide is about to change as Generation Y start to make waves.

Apple’s ambitions

This week Apple revealed plans to unlock the potential of enterprise by partnering with IBM. While the tech giant already has a presence in this market, it is now looking to enable employees to use their Apple devices for enterprise-related tasks as well as for personal use.

Apple is well known for dominating the consumer sphere and its push into enterprise could be worrying for the b2b sector as its brand popularity might see it edge rivals out of the market. Companies such as Blackberry and Microsoft have done well within the enterprise space, with the latter’s Lumia’s smartphone’s particularly popular.

However, Apple could be able to change all this by enabling iPhones for enterprise use. Although the US tech giant may not be the ‘go to’ brand when it comes to business, IBM is and its support could see the iPhone become the hot commodity in the enterprise arena.




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