Talk Talk Attack: Analysing the aftermath

Talk Talk Attack: Analysing the aftermath

Following a devastating cyber-attack Mobile looks at what the implications might be

Sustained PR problem of a cyber attack

Unlike other companies who have suffered data breaches, the severity of the TalkTalk attack has meant the brand has received sustained media coverage for a greater period of time. Dido Harding’s decision to appear across a number of media platforms in the immediate aftermath has helped to give the organisation a human face. However, as the saga has dragged on this approach has kept her and her brand in the spotlight. Talk Talk is unfortunate that the story has a hacker whodunit narrative which has maintained widespread interest. But if TalkTalk stay in the headlines much longer the way in which it’s been managed may come into question.

TalkTalk received ransom demand after cyber attack


TalkTalk's Financial burden

There have been a number of major scare stories doing the rounds recently about the financial fate of TalkTalk in the aftermath of this cyber attack. Despite a drop in the share price of the business, the financial impact of the attack cannot be fully calculated at present. The margins of a business like TalkTalk are notoriously thin and only it knows how much of a regulatory battering or customer backlash it can manage. It was certainly bullish in the defence of its termination fees saying that it will only waive it in cases where customers have had money stolen. Dealing with the regulator will no doubt be different.

TalkTalk launches ultra-competitive ‘All-in SIM’

Where to from here…

The future of TalkTalk is one that is often discussed by those in the industry. Its name frequently comes up when people discuss operators who need a quick entry into the quad play market. The brand is known for its competitive pricing and bullish attitude towards the so-called big players. TalkTalk has been unafraid of upsetting network operator partners and complaining to the authorities about perceived injustice in the mobile market. Whether it continues to play that role in the industry in the aftermath of the attack will be interesting to gauge. Whilst the question of if any potential suitors have been put off the attack is another matter altogether.

TalkTalk claims Vodafone will exit the MVNO market

IoT strategies: connecting the dots

Vodafone denies Talk Talk's MVNO exit claims



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