Facebook, EE & Apple: debunking myths about ad blockers

Facebook, EE & Apple: debunking myths about ad blockers

EE are the latest company to say that they are looking at blocking ads to give their customers a better experience, but is it all as innocent as it seems…

Uncontrollable advertising

Ever since we let the internet invade our mobile phones the commercial messages delivered to consumers have become vast and uncontrollable. Mobile networks and manufacturers have struggled to get a handle on this ever since. It has made it more difficult therefore to charge advertisers for exclusive access to customers because the websites and apps that now populate a phones content contain their own potentially conflicting advertising messages. Faced with this challenge, it’s logical that these companies would search for some way to wrestle control back by doing things like blocking adverts.


New wave cash cow

Companies like Facebook have successfully monetised huge numbers of users by filtering out other messages and providing companies with targeted access to the customers they most want. Facebook’s intimate knowledge of its users and strict policy of embedding ads within its house style has been very lucrative. However, its success not only represents the model for other companies to follow, it is an obstacle for other companies looking to pitch to same potential advertisers.    


Let battle commence

One thing is for sure, the mess of different companies attempting to offer businesses the mobile route to the customer is unlikely to be untangled. The likes of Apple, EE and Facebook all want to be able to offer exclusive access to the customer and will continue to battle for the right to do so. Although, it was revealing that EE CEO Olaf Swantee described the possibility of blocking ads as a ‘debate’because whilst these brands are all vying for advertiser’s attention, they must also work together. One thing is clear, this ‘debate’ is set to run and run.


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