The best laid plans…

The best laid plans…

It’s easy to get caught in the trap of thinking that the biggest decisions you’ll make are always ahead of you. The plans for next year often appear to be more significant than what you’re doing today.

In business, this attitude is even more prevalent – you’re always locked in some form of planning cycle, whether that’s weekly, monthly or yearly. It’s foolish not to be looking ahead, and for those that choose to focus only on the short-term gains there are often nasty shocks in store. However, thinking only of tomorrow can mean that you lose focus on the issues of today.

2015 was a year in which the most significant market decisions certainly lay ahead; it felt at times like a market in waiting. This is largely due to the two industry-defining mergers that have plodded through the regulatory process over the past 12 months. Despite the protestations of most involved, it’s affected the way in which companies and individuals have acted.

Some have been inspired by the takeover talk to seize the initiative and demonstrate their worth. Others have bided their time and remained quiet while the major events take their course. It’s impossible to really know what motivations lie behind the actions of an individual or business when futures are uncertain.

This year we expect many of the issues that have hung over the industry for so long to be resolved. How the market reacts to these changes will define the year ahead.                


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