Smartphone sales slowdown signs… What they mean

Smartphone sales slowdown signs… What they mean

With Apple and Samsung both predicting a dip in sales and global smartphone growth beginning to slow we look at what this means for the industry


Life in the old product yet

UK market penetration for smartphones has been an issue for manufacturers for a while now. Now the rest of the world seems to be catching up, does little to change this challenge. Those with experience in the UK market will already be well aware of how to sell upgrades and additional products or services. Whilst a global slowdown in the smartphone market could never be considered a positive for the mobile industry markets such as the UK have proved that there are ways to encourage consumers to keep investing in new devices.


Next is now

Samsung’s slogan for the S6 edge has never been more appropriate than it is today. The time has come for the other revenue streams that manufacturers have been trying to develop over the last few years to begin to contribute significantly. Whether it comes in the form of services or wearables the next consumer trend needs to be unearthed. That’s not to say that a significant change of form factor could also do the trick, as the S6 edge showed, there is a consumer interest in devices that look different. The important thing is that it happens soon.


Whose turn is it anyway?

The advent of smartphones has been the most lucrative trend the mobile industry has ever seen. The rapid development of the technology and its success is unlikely to be repeated to the same extent. However, the slowing of market growth may actually present an opportunity to a different set of brands and manufacturers. It may also create greater competition within this sector a trend many would argue is no bad thing.


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