A different tone

A different tone

This year’s Mobile World Congress provided more intrigue than excitement.

Expectations surrounding Mobile World Congress each year are understandably very high. The sheer energy generated by bringing all of the most powerful and enthusiastic people in the industry together for a week causes enough of a stir on its own.

It’s often the place where major new innovations are shown off to the world for the first time.
Over the years it has also witnessed the rapid development of the smartphone; a technology that has altered the market beyond all recognition, making it more important and bigger than ever before.

This year, however, there wasn’t the same feeling that there was something dramatically new happening at the event. Of course there were many significant announcements and interesting new products. But this time around it wasn’t at the same level as it perhaps was in previous years.

The major manufacturers announcements really help define the tone of the event. So the fact that this year many of them had chosen to focus on cumulative change and connected products probably affected the event’s atmosphere. 

That’s not to say that people were negative, it’s just a reflection of the changing nature of the market. Smartphone penetration is so high now that sales of the devices are being impacted, and the way in which mobile businesses grow is changing.

Undoubtedly, strategies that will define the future of mobile have been established at this year’s MWC. We’ll just have to wait for the results.  


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