Retail battleground

Retail battleground

Mobile phones have always been products that are sold best in presentation.

Having the benefits of a particular product explained in person has remained an important part of a UK consumer’s phone-buying experience. Despite the fact that so many phones are bought online, the number of people going into stores at some stage during their buying process hasn’t dropped either.

It’s little surprise, then, that so many in the industry want to influence retail store staff. Their interactions can be hugely influential in defining what customers think about a particular brand or product. Over the years we’ve seen the types of companies attempting to influence staff become even broader. Recently, Internet of Things (IoT) platform Kii revealed that it was partnering with a number of retailers to train staff to sell IoT.

Manufacturers have always been keen to influence retail staff, investing in field marketing teams to communicate their message even more clearly to sales people. Speaking to Mobile about the launch of an Alcatel field marketing team, country director William Paterson said that he’d seen first-hand the problems that could be caused by an unpopular brand rep – staff simply didn’t sell the product. It demonstrated how important it can be to get interactions with retail staff right.

Doro’s UK MD Chris Millington has also spoken to Mobile about his frustration at the times when he’s not been able to communicate his company’s products to staff in the right way. He believes that if he can get the relatives of store staff using his phone they might see the benefits for themselves. Doro’s UK mobile boss fully recognises the crucial role staff play in influencing others.



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