Is there room for another smartphone in the market?

Is there room for another smartphone in the market?

Dell is the latest company to announce it is joining the mobile crowd – scrap that – the smartphone crowd, but is there room for another manufacturer?

Just a few years ago, the founder, Michael Dell said that the company would not be venturing into telecoms because of tough competition from established players like Nokia.

So, what has changed? The creation of the smartphone. Like so many things in the mobile industry the definition of a smartphone is hard to pin down. Typically, they tend to have advanced capabilities and give users enhanced features to play with, sometimes similar to a PC.

Some might argue that it makes sense for the IT manufacturers to use their experience and develop a phone, as ‘convergence’ becomes increasingly more than just a word.

The smartphone market appears to be the beacon in the mobile industry right now, with a Gartner report claiming that such devices will make up 70% of the European market by 2012. Nokia’s results indicated that the manufacturer will continue to focus on its range of smartphones despite a decline in demand for handsets generally. It’s Deal with Microsoft last week, which will see Microsoft office products imbedded on Nokia E-Series handsets, showed another attempt to launch assault of competitors such as RIM.

Looking at this kind of evidence, it seems self-explanatory for Dell to get involved with the technological revolution. But, it faces stiff competition from the likes of Toshiba, HTC and Acer, as well as the bigger players Nokia, Samsung, RIM, Palm and Apple.

There is yet to be an ‘iPhone killer’, but HTC is getting close with its Android offerings and Palm’s yet-to-be-released Pre could be a taker for the role.

And, according to one report out on the Dell phone, it will only have 2G capability. If that’s the case, it’s not going to be enough to shake up the market and create a storm.

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