Your view: does today mark the start of a Nokia fightback?

Your view: does today mark the start of a Nokia fightback?

It’s been a frantic day at Nokia World with the launch of a whole range of announcements. So far we’ve seen:

- N900  (the new wannabe iPhone killer)
- N97 Mini  (with embedded ‘Lifecasting’ tool)
- New ‘Comes With Music’ handsets, X3 and X6  
- Nokia’s first ever netbook, Booklet 3G, will cost around £500  

Shortly before these announcements, Nokia’s EVP for markets, Anssi Vanjok began his keynote speech with the defiant words:

‘We’re not giving up. We’re fighting back, and we’re on the attack.’

The fuel behind these combative words - Nokia’s loss of ground to the likes of RIM and Apple and the relative failure of its recent big hitting handsets.

So we’d like to hear your views on whether Nokia’s fighting talk is justified in the light of the recent announcements….

- Will the new ‘X’ devices finally see Comes With Music take off?
- Does the N900 really look like it could crack the iPhone?
- Will the N97 mini out perform it’s big brother?
- And will Nokia's new services, such as 'Lifecasting', be enough to put Nokia back on the map?

Let’s hear your first impressions…

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