Nokia’s services ambitions: Can they be reached?

Nokia’s services ambitions: Can they be reached?


When Nokia released its last financial results, it spoke about ambitions to become a services company. But these ambitions have been prevalent for some time now.


A few years ago, the manufacturer set a 10 year roadmap to become such a company, looking at contextual awareness – location-based services and all handsets being contextually aware. Nokia sees this as driving loyalty and revenues, but it has been niche so far.


SMS, internet browsing and IM have been popular, but companies now need take up of these new services and applications. Nokia trying to do this with Ovi. Meanwhile, it is partnering up with big brands such as Facebook and linking the social network to Nokia Maps – but there is a long way to go.


Industry experts agree that Nokia is actually doing ok in services, despite the negative headlines, but the company will need to step up.


Comes With Music, in terms of the branding, product and operator activity, was weak at launch and hasn’t done particularly well since. However, the service could see an upsurge if operators and consumers like the shiny new ‘X’ devices, and the music service becomes a bit more consumer friendly.


Apple does well with services because it is operator-friendly, developer-friendly and consumer-friendly. Nokia is not quite there but might be well advised to look to its US counterparts.

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