T-Mobile prepares to get tangoed

T-Mobile prepares to get tangoed

There’s still a million-and-one questions about exactly what will happen to the brands if and when the merger happens, but one things for sure: it’ll be done on Orange’s terms.

Orange’s CEO Tom Alexander has said both brands could be re-born preceded by the words ‘powered by’, while one or more swanky new umbrella brands will be created with the brief to catch the consumer's eye.

It’s a case of sweeping both brands aside without actually discarding them, and leaves the joint venture open to criticism of a 'sitting on the fence' nature. Wouldn't it be better at this seminal time of change to ‘do an O2’ and start afresh?

Orange is a relatively strong brand but not necessarily one to cling on to at all costs. And as for T-Mobile, let’s be honest, consumers would forget the brand quicker than a Usain Bolt/Theo Walcott lovechild.

However, if, as Alexander suggests, Orange and T-Mobile do continue as sub-brands, it’s easily foreseeable how they might co-exist.

Orange would be the ‘premium brand’, ranging top ends handsets such as the HTC Hero, or indeed the iPhone. T-Mobile would take on the entry-level handsets; the LG Cookies and Samsung Tocco Lites of this world.

You’ll probably see the words ‘Powered by Orange’ cropping up in the expensive multi-million TV marketing campaigns underneath the new umbrella brand, while you’ll spot the inscription of ‘Powered by T-Mobile’ in grainy Metro adverts, pushing ultra-low prices in an ultra-large font.

Ok, so that last paragraph was a bit of conjecture on my part, and to an extent that’s all we can do for now because very little is set in stone. However, what we do know for certain is who’s holding all the aces in this merger, which means the future is Orange for T-Mobile.

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