Carphone staff: ‘more part timers, less commitment’

Carphone staff: ‘more part timers, less commitment’

There’s no other company that polarizes opinion amongst its own like Carphone Warehouse does.

Carphone staff are in one camp or the other. There’s the fiercely loyal pro-Carphone side, who react to criticism of the company as if it were being placed squarely on their own shoulders. Then there’s the discontented ranks, who feel that they are treated as no more than a sub-human cog in the system of one of the UK’s biggest high street retailers.

Whichever side of the fence you sit (or even if you’re at a rival retailer), you have to hand it to Carphone for the flexibility it has exhibited over the years. Its ability to move with the times has set the bar for the rest of the industry.

But Carphone’s latest drive to become more flexible has led to some severe criticism from the discontented ranks in this news story. 

The row has escalated after Carphone revealed plans to focus on increasing the number of part time staff and stop recruiting full time employees. The ratio of full time to part time staffers is currently around 65% to 35%, and it’s thought Carphone is looking to reverse this, meaning full time staff will eventually account for just 35% of the company’s staff.

Some Carphone staffers believe that part time workers do not display the same level of commitment that full time workers do. These detractors claim that such a high percentage of part time workers will lead to a plummeting in the company’s collective commitment, because, they claim, part time staff generally have other priorities and concerns in life.

Let’s be realistic, Carphone won’t be the only mobile company looking at increasing the percentage of part time staff at the moment. So we want to hear your views, regardless of where you work, on the consequences of making large increases in the number of part time workers at your company….

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