Android is building momentum at the expense of Windows Mobile

Android is building momentum at the expense of Windows Mobile


Another diverse selection of new handsets was announced during August 2009, including three new Android phones and the industry’s first Maemo-based mobile, the Nokia N900. During August, a total of 106 new handsets were announced globally by 27 vendors, including several high profile Nokia phones (N97 Mini, N900, X6 and X3) and two new INQ Mobile models.

For the 55 new handsets where detailed specifications were available, average battery capacity was 1097mAh, the second highest monthly average on record, despite average handset thickness being only 14.41mm, the second lowest average on record. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi penetration hit 78% and 31% respectively for the new August models.

Operating systems
Three new Android models announced in August 2009 – HTC Hero (CDMA version), Huawei U8220 and Philips V808 – have
taken the total number of Android phones on the SpecTRAX database to 23 models.

The RTOS or proprietary operating system accounted for approximately two thirds of the 55 new models announced in August. Of the 18 new handsets supporting a fully featured operating system:
• Seven were Symbian based, an above average figure due to the plethora of new Nokia smartphones.
• Seven were Windows Mobile based. As a percentage of all 55 handsets announced during August, 12.7% (7 out of 55) for Windows Mobile is about average compared with the rest of 2009.
• However, Windows Mobile models have traditionally accounted for over 60% of new smartphone models, but in August it was only 39% (7 out of 18). Microsoft has recently admitted to being behind schedule in bringing Windows Mobile 6.5 and 7 to market, and may be at risk of losing significant share of mind with handset OEMs and ODMs. The momentum is very much with Android at present.

The impressive selection of handsets that have recently been announced from a significant number of vendors represents a market shift towards smartphones, which means the battle between the main fully-featured operating systems is only going to intensify. Android appears to have the greatest momentum at present, while the number of new Windows Mobile phone models hitting the shelves seems to be stuttering. It remains to be seen how Windows Mobile will respond to the rise of Android.

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