Grapevine joins Vodafone One Net

Grapevine joins Vodafone One Net
Vodafone platinum partner, Grapevine Telecom has joined the ranks of partners to achieve Vodafone’s One Net accreditation.

The South West-based dealer sent several members of its sales team on the training. Ahead of the accreditation, Grapevine was unable to sell the product.

Grapevine sales director Pete Boby said: ‘Vodafone One Net is a valuable tool that can make a positive impact on the productivity and profitability of local businesses, as it’s designed with their needs firmly in mind.’

Since becoming accredited, Grapevine is now analysing its customer base to see which customers would be attracted to the product.

Grapevine business development manager Paul Lappage said: ‘We will be looking at the customers we have already got on Vodafone landline and they will be our immediate target.’

As well as looking at their existing customer base, Grapevine will work with Vodafone on marketing material.

Vodafone enterprise marketing director Peter Boucher said: ‘We are rolling out the One Net training starting with Platinum and Gold partners and then will be training Silver partners. There are now over 50 partners accredited and more than 200 account managers that are able to sell it.’
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