Brightstar and HP ink smartphone partnership

Brightstar and HP ink smartphone partnership


Brightstar and HP have inked a partnership spanning smartphone devices in the UK, starting with the Pre 2.

The partnership, which will concentrate on getting Palm’s webOS more widely known, builds on Brightstar’s current relationship with HP for laptops.

Brightstar MD Richard Turner told Mobile the contract did not cover HP’s upcoming tablet as yet. ‘At the moment it is a smartphone distribution contract,’ he said.

Palm European distribution director Tim Mahne said: ‘We need to put education tools in place for webOS – we need to educate the channels. The Pre 2 ticks all the boxes – a 1GHz processor, and it’s the only device that has multitasking.’

He added: ‘That for us is key – the whole device philosophy –  you want to work with a channel partner who has synergies with IT and laptops.’

All Brightstar staff have been trained on Palm’s webOS with the device going into all channels.

Mahne said: ‘From an HP point of view, we are using HP and Palm as dual-branding. We need to explain the benefits of the Palm OS and Cloud computing.’

‘It is built from the base upwards for cloud computing. Brightstar has all the channels – we have eight merchandisers and Brightstar backing us.’

Turner said: ‘I think the key point for us is Brightstar is the newest and fastest growing distributor – and when we take out Apple from the equation, we have the top 10 devices – so it makes sense.’

The Palm Pre 2, which will be backed by further marketing this summer, is aimed at the consumer and business market. Turner said: ‘Business is one market we want to leverage but Brightsar says it is a “prosumer” crossover device.’

The pair would not reveal any targets, but Mahne said: ‘HP’s philosophy is to be number one or number two in the markets it operates in. So now it will be about getting the channels ready, rather than shipping numbers.’

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