Over 200 bid to join Shebang franchise

Over 200 bid to join Shebang franchise

Over 200 ‘serious applicants’ are vying to join Shebang’s Purple Partnership, according to Julian Burton, MD of Shebang Consumer Solutions.

Shebang management will interview the first tranche of applicants for its franchise partnership this week.

The recruitment drive is part of Shebang’s plan to expand its Go Mobile retail estate of 50 franchised stores and 49 directly managed stores.

Burton (pictured) said applicants fall into three categories. ‘The vast majority are from within the mobile industry. These are people who want to take control of their future and aspire to the lifestyle a partnership will bring,’ he said.

‘Then there are a small number already trading in the industry who recognise the advantage of the Go Mobile brand and the larger scale benefits Shebang brings.

‘The third chunk are newcomers to the industry. They are franchisees from other industries or have retail experience outside of mobile and see the Purple Partnership as an opportunity to get into the mobile industry.’

Shebang has no target figure for the number of franchisees it plans to take on board.

‘We will take as many or as few as is right for us,’ Burton said, refuting reports that around 200 additional franchised stores will be added to its estate this year.

He said Shebang’s cautious approach was informed by its takeover of JAG’s franchised stores in 2009.

‘We had to whittle the number of franchisees down. Many are excellent sales people and still on our payroll, but they were not geared up to run a business. So it is all about finding the right people to work with.’

Burton said the ideal candidate must have business acumen as well as exceptional sales skills and experience.

‘Unlike some, we are very particular about who we bring on board,’ he added.

Burton said the majority of applicants are keen to open new stores. However, Shebang is also keen to turn the bulk of its 49 managed stores into franchised stores, as the latter consistently outperform its managed stores.

Burton said franchisees were driven by ‘a 100% commitment to succeed’ and the guarantee of receiving all ongoing network revenue shares.

The recruitment process is expected to take three weeks. This will be followed by a week of seminars for new franchise partners in May.

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