Westcoast makes move into mobile

Westcoast makes move into mobile

IT distributor Westcoast is moving into mobile with the launch of Westcoast Mobile.

The b2b mobile business, which is in the early stages of launch, is targeting small and medium-sized businesses with between one and 500 employees.

Westcoast Mobile is running promotional advertisements on a number of b2b websites including B2 Business Hub, BusinessesForSale.com and biz-mi.com.

The company is offering b2b businesses cashback deals on b2b mobile contracts. It is also harnessing the IT power of its parent company, offering associated deals on printers and laptops.

One promotion states that ‘all the commission they [Westcoast Mobile] receive from connecting you to their market-leading tariffs from T-Mobile gets returned to you!

‘So, for example, three lines all with 2,000 mins, 500 texts and 250MB of data at £30 per month per line can provide up to £480 commission to Westcoast Mobile, which they will give straight back to you.’

The company is also offering business plans with hardware funds. It states: ‘For example, with three phones and lines you could get a hardware fund of up to £1,480 to buy handsets and other equipment such as laptops and printers for only £90 per month.’

Westcoast Mobile claims in another promotion that it can supply mobile phones and smartphones from all manufacturers and negotiate contracts with all networks.

Dealers are watching the newcomer with interest.

One said: ‘This is one to watch. They have the power of a national wholesale distributor behind them with some strong connections.’

Westcoast Mobile has offices in Reading, Nottingham and Dublin and a warehouse in Milton Keynes. The company is an authorised Apple and Microsoft distributor and has distribution deals with Samsung, HP, Toshiba and Sage.

Westcoast Mobile declined to comment.

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Looking at the Westcoast Mobile website almost a year-on and I cant see that they are actively in Mobile at all. Old phones and old T-Mobile price pla ...
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