Daisy Wholesale’s major mobile drive

Daisy Wholesale’s major mobile drive

Daisy Wholesale is launching a dedicated mobile pre-sales and bid support team as part of an aggressive push into mobile which has seen it double the number of resellers selling mobile solutions over the past four months.

The new mobile team is aiming to have around 250 of its 1,000 resellers selling mobile solutions by the end of the year.

The move comes just a  year after Daisy Wholesale became an O2 Joined Up Communications partner and marks a renewed drive into mobile.

Speaking to Mobile, Daisy Wholesale sales director Garry Growns said: ‘The huge growth in mobile offers our resellers a major opportunity but it also poses a threat to their businesses if they fail to grasp that opportunity.

‘We want to help our resellers make the most of that opportunity, because if they fail to offer mobile alongside voice and data they could be in danger of losing their customers to a growing number of competitors, including the mobile networks.’

Daisy Wholesale’s newly launched mobile pre-sales support and bid support team aims to smooth the way for resellers wanting to break into the mobile market.

It consists of 30 account managers, three mobile product specialists, a commercial manager and two team members. There are also plans to recruit more new staff for the team as the numbers of resellers selling mobile grows.

The pre-sales team specialises in everything mobile, working closely with resellers to offer them support, advice, presentations and training to arm them with the knowledge they need to sell mobile into their customer base. Resellers can also use the team to advise and promote mobile to their customers.

Meanwhile, the bid support team works with resellers to hone their bid skills, helping them produce standard proposals, go for bigger business deals and understand mobile business opportunities.

Other perks include a white label managed billing service and white label marketing tools, allowing resellers to bill and promote their mobile offering in their own brand.

Around 60% of Daisy Wholesale’s base consists of data resellers, with voice resellers making up around 30% of the base. Growns said voice and data resellers can be wary of taking on mobile, believing it to be complex and fearing that the extra effort needed might hit existing service levels.

‘Mobile is not a complex proposition but if you are new to it, it can seem daunting with all its various bundles and tariffs. The commercial aspect can be daunting but our mobile team can demystify it and help resellers upscale their business.’

The mobile team can also help take the pressure of resellers as they struggle to look after existing customers and take on new business without compromising service, Growns added.

He explained: ‘The idea is for us to be a proactive – a strategic partner. We have the resources and the experience to help make it easier, cheaper and less time consuming for our resellers.’

Daisy Wholesale has been promoting mobile solutions to its resellers intensively for the past four months. Growns said the promotion had created substantial interest among its clients.

‘Our resellers recognise both the opportunities for growth and the need to defend their businesses from increasing competition.

‘We have doubled the number of our resellers selling mobile in that time. However, that is still a small part of our base and there are a lot more that we need to get on board.’

Growns would like to step up the pace in the face of rising competition. But he is wary of pushing resellers before they are ready.

Growns said: ‘There is a wide diversity among our resellers. We have relatively new start-ups with two to three people who spend a couple of hundred pounds with us, up to global organisations with tens of thousands of people who spend hundreds of thousands of pounds with us.

He explained: ‘I would like as many on board as soon as possible as it is in the resellers’ interest to get into mobile, but we also need to get our ducks in a row. It is no good marketing if you can’t fulfill and it is no good signing up customers if you can’t bill them.’

Asked if Daisy Wholesale was still on the acquisition trail, he said: ‘Well, we never say never at Daisy. However, Daisy Wholesale now has a great set up. We have the scale, the breadth and the quality and we are now making sure we consolidate all that  for the benefit of our resellers and their customers.’

O2 backing Daisy Wholesale’s push into mobile

Maggie Kennedy, head of partners at O2, said Daisy’s push into mobile further strengthened its partnership with the operator.

She said: ‘I am really excited about supporting Daisy Wholesale’s push into the reseller market – clearly this is all about providing a one-stop shop for their customers’ needs.’

Kennedy added that she was pleased with reseller response to the campaign. ‘Daisy is a very capable partner with breadth and reach in this space. Here at O2 we are truly excited about this relaunch and, judging from the channel feedback, it is one that resellers are also looking forward to. This initiative will further align Daisy and O2 as we continue to enjoy a mutual and strategic relationship which I only see going from strength to strength.’

Kennedy added that O2 and Daisy Wholesale have worked closely on the initiative: ‘With all relationships it is based on feedback and shared insight, and I am genuinely confident Daisy will succeed in this market and delighted to support this great programme of activity.’ 

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