Micro-P launches MVNO 360 Mobile

Micro-P launches MVNO 360 Mobile

Distributor Micro-P has launched an MVNO on Three that is being rolled out via its 8,000 resellers and major high street and online retailers.

The MVNO, known as 360 Mobile, is being rolled out by Micro-P’s resellers to clients signing up for the distributor’s mobile salary sacrifice scheme. It is also available to consumers on Amazon and will be available via other major high street and online retailers from Q4..

The MVNO is currently offering Sim-only deals via its website www.360-mobile.co.uk but will extend its portfolio to offer bundled handset and Sim deals from Q4 via Amazon and other retailers.

The MVNO’s Sim-only deals include one, three, six and 12 month Sim plans. Consumers can chose 600 minutes with 1GB of data or 300 minutes or 100 minutes per month with 500MB of data.

Micro-P’s business development director Simon Woodman said: ‘We will be bundling the Sim with a handset, depending on the support we can get, which will allow the retailer to offer a Sim-free handset with a free contract,  without having to worry about bad debt risk and  credit checks.’

Woodman said the MVNO sprung from Micro-P’s mobile salary sacrifice scheme. He said: ‘The MVNO has come from the system requirements we have had to implement for the mobile salary sacrifice scheme.

‘We had to integrate a billing system to allow us the flexibility required for the mobile scheme. As we had this integrated we then decided to go down the MVNO route to as we were already half way there.’

Woodman added that Micro-P’s mobile salary sacrifice scheme was proving very popular with resellers. He explained: ‘The scheme is being rolled out nationwide via our resellers and flexible benefit providers.

'It is HMRC-approved under section 319. This means an employee can sacrifice gross salary for a mobile phone and contract, saving up to 42% on tax and National Insurance, with the employer saving 13.8%.

He added: ‘The scheme benefits everyone involved – our resellers have an additional revenue stream and a unique proposition they can take to their customer, the end customer has a unique staff retention scheme and profit opportunity with National Insurance savings of 13.8%.

The main benefit for Micro-P is that we can show a tangible value add to our reseller partners and we open up additional revenue streams that are reoccurring.’

Micro-P has developed a web portal that is branded for each client. The client then launches the scheme to their employees via the portal, with a limited window of around four weeks. During the launch Micro-P provides marketing support, roadshows and open days.

Woodman added: ‘The employees log on to the site and make their selections; these are then held in the site’s back office for the HR department to approve. Once they have approved the orders, the items are then picked for dispatch and the contract raised.’

Micro-P is also promoting a laptop scheme and staff purchase shop via the salary Mobile Sacrifice Scheme.

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