Kondor rides high on renewed Nokia deal

Kondor rides high on renewed Nokia deal

Can you tell me about the new Nokia contract – how you managed to beat rivals to the deal, what opportunities and challenges it brings and how it differs from the previous deal with Nokia?

Kondor has been appointed as Nokia’s first franchise Gear distributor and will distribute the complete range of Gear products. We have also secured the license to manufacture accessories under the ‘Works with Nokia’ brand.

This is a fantastic opportunity for us. Our strengthened contract with Nokia is evidence of our expertise in accessories and our ability to offer our suppliers sales growth, as well as innovation and development.

We’re recognised for our strong customer relationships and extensive channel coverage, but also for having specialist knowledge of the market that allows us to develop key products that
fulfil the needs of our customers.

Will you need to gear up the business in terms of staff or equipment to handle the new contract?

We are well equipped to deliver on the Nokia contract. We have a skilled and knowledgeable Product team, and we’ll be utilising our strong relationships with the best manufacturers to deliver an exciting, fresh range of ‘Works with Nokia’ accessories. We have invested in the Product and Sales teams this year, which are key to the project.

Has Nokia put any stipulations on the deal, such as restrictions in Kondor dealing with rival mobile phone manufacturers?


How has the mobile accessories market developed over the past year?

The accessories market has grown at a good pace over the last 12 months, in spite of the external economic situation. The consistent release of feature-rich devices has given the accessories market more opportunity for supplying and developing products.

However, the speed of new device releases means the popularity of some products can be short, so retailers need to work with partners who are capable of keeping up with the demand and product life cycle.

How do you see the mobile accessories market developing over the next 12 months?

The mobile accessories market is sure to grow in a similar fashion. New technologies equate to more opportunities for innovative devices. Target demographics are expanding and mobile device contracts and economic constraints mean consumers are holding onto devices for longer, which in turn offers the accessories market many product opportunities across new and existing accessory subcategories.

How do you see the business performing over the next 12 months?

We are tracking good sales growth this year and have growth aspirations for 2012 and beyond.

How does Kondor stand out from its competitors?

Kondor stands out because it offers a focused approach and specialism in the consumer electronics accessories industry. Our ‘first to market’ reputation and innovative portfolio form a part of the value added service that we offer our partners. We’re a lead/exclusive supplier of major brands in the industry.

Can you tell me about Kondor’s move to new premises? What prompted the move and how has it affected the business?

The move was necessary to accommodate growth and to plan for further business development in the future.

We have built a modern, state-of-the-art distribution centre and have invested in systems and processes that will provide our customers with an efficient service and many new opportunities.

The specification of the new building was developed by mapping our growth aspirations with the service levels required of our account portfolio. The three-storey premises cover 60,000 square feet, incorporating impressive warehouse and office space. This has given us a 50% increase in capacity.

The modern, open plan offices include meeting rooms, social areas and a multi-functional show room and provide an improved working environment for staff. We’ve experienced strong sales since the move, and we look to continue this going forward.

How important is the trade fair in Hong Kong that the company is currently attending?

Attending shows like the Hong Kong Trade Fair is essential for the business. It’s key for developing an informed and innovative portfolio. It forms a key part of our sourcing activity for our channels. 

Are you planning to take on more staff and, if so, in which divisions?

We continue to invest in staff when and where necessary. We continue to recruit across the Sales, Product, Marketing and Operations divisions.

How much of an opportunity is the tablet market for Kondor?

The proliferation of the tablet device is a good opportunity. It has extensive channel coverage and offers opportunities for products across all accessory subcategories.

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