Interview: Avenir's Andy Tow on the T-Mobile and Orange partner programme

Interview: Avenir's Andy Tow on the T-Mobile and Orange partner programme

What is the aim of the Orange and T-Mobile business partner programme?
The aim of the programme is to attract and retain high value customers, enable partners to sell the full range of products from Orange/T-Mobile and to help them provide a great experience for their customers.

What is Nokia’s involvement in the programme?
We have been looking to work closely with Nokia in the future and are delighted that Nokia have brought out their new range of Windows 7 smartphones. We see this as a perfect time to be more strategically aligned with Nokia.

What benefits and incentives does it offer the partners?
Partners will be strategically aligned to Orange, T-Mobile and Nokia and as well as financial benefits they will receive a high level of marketing, operations and technical support from Avenir Telecom.

Financial benefits include weekly commission payments, offset commission for hardware purchases, a monthly ongoing revenue share and additional funding for marketing communications.

For their marketing, each partner will receive an official accreditation certificate and logo and access to a full marketing toolkit to aid with marketing communications. They will also have access to marketing advice, design, co-branded materials, product roadmaps, and dedicated tech support for their team and their customers.

One of the major benefits is the multi-level recruitment packages, which can help with everything from online job advertising and access to recruitment tools, to assistance with CVs and interviews.

Exclusive events will be held and incentives offered. The first incentive will run from 1 January to 31 March 2012, for which if they meet their targets they choose from £1,000, a 3D TV, or a luxury weekend break.

Further benefits to come in 2012 include Network visits, Premier Partner conference calls, training programmes, dedicated retention support and prospecting data.

There are 15 partners in the programme. Who are they? Do you plan to add new partners, and if so, when and how many?
We will be reviewing this on a quarterly basis.

What skills do the partners need to bring to the programme?
One of our main objectives is to have excellent levels of customer satisfaction and so we require that our partners are willing to work with us to ensure customer satisfaction levels are maintained, for which we provide tools and support to help them do this.

What are their targets and goals?
Partners will be set individual targets and goals.

Is this a completely new programme or has it evolved from a previous programme?
It is a completely new programme, called the Premier Programme.

How does it compare, or differ, to rival operator’s business partner programmes?
It is a unique programme, exclusively offered to stockists of Avenir Telecom and incorporates the benefits described above, many of which are only available through Avenir Telecom.

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