ADSI plots 20% growth plus more staff in 2012

ADSI plots 20% growth plus more staff in 2012

The Basildon-based firm is in talks with two companies in the south east of England and the Midlands about possible takeovers. It has also launched a recruitment drive to add an extra 12 staff to its 42-strong team this year.

ADSI currently has 38,000 connections, largely with O2, and has more than doubled its customer base over the past three years while maintaining low overall churn levels of 2.7%. Customers range in size from five to 200 employees.

ADSI founder and MD Adrian Spreadborough (pictured) attributed the company’s rapid growth to high levels of customer service backed by an in-house CRM system. ADSI has spent more than £500,000 developing the system during the past four years, and Spreadborough said it is now delivering savings of over £100,000 per year.

He said: ‘We are recognised by all the networks as being clever with data. We use data to enable our customers to make informed decisions rather than using tertiary information which is often wrong. Ours is a unique system, none of our rivals can offer that. It is what differentiates us from the competition.’

The CRM system includes a bill management system that allows the company to offer a full analysis and review to every customer each month. Spreadborough said: ‘We have created a huge piece of kit to do that. It allows customers to identify any overspend outside the parameters they set. It’s great for building customer loyalty and is a unique offering that doesn’t take up huge amounts of staff time. Anything our customers want to know about their spend is just a few mouse clicks away.’

The dealer has bolstered its sales force by around a dozen members of staff during the past year but Spreadborough said he wants to boost its numbers further. He added: ‘Few sales people are good at acquiring customers and good at keeping them, but that’s the sort of person we’re looking for – someone who can offer the customer that cradle-to-grave relationship.’

The company recently began a rolling 12-week induction programme, taking on four experienced b2b sales people each week. If the new recruits meet the programme’s performance criteria they are taken on as full-time sales staff.

Spreadborough said: ‘If two out of every four make the grade, that’s a big success, but it is more likely one out of every four we take on.’

In addition to increasing the size of its sales team, ADSI also plans to drive growth through acquisition. Spreadborough said having a foothold in a local community is key to growth: ‘We find that regionally customers like to deal with local players.’

He also claimed that SME customers prefer dealing with SME dealerships: ‘In a consolidating market it is the medium-sized player that will survive. What can larger companies offer that we can’t? Our customers like the closeness they have with us. They all have named account managers and they can pick up the phone and speak to the MD. They can’t have that with the bigger players. And the smaller players can’t compete with us on the financial, commercial and service wraps we offer.’

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