Steady progress as Bid My Bill auction website hits 70 resellers

Steady progress as Bid My Bill auction website hits 70 resellers

Mobile phone contract auction website Bid My Bill has signed up 70 mobile resellers since its launch in August last year and is delivering savings of up to 40% on b2b deals.

The site allows consumers and business users to shop around for a better mobile phone deal as their contracts come up for renewal. Customers upload their historic billing information on the website, which mobile resellers then use to put together competitive bids for the new contract.

Founder and CEO Dave Bell said the website had attracted substantial interest since its launch, particularly from b2b resellers, who make up 60% of the resellers bidding for contracts on the site.He claimed the site allows b2b resellers to cut their b2b lead generation costs: ‘Whereas business dealers normally call businesses, arrange a meeting and then study paper or online bills manually, we automate that entire process so it’s all online in a simple auction. They can even drill down the billing data month by month now.’

Bid My Bill is also delivering much greater savings on b2b contracts than on consumer deals, with b2b deals cut by as much as 40% and consumer deals lowered by up to 20%. Bell said: ‘There isn’t as much flexibility on consumer contracts. There are lots of consumer websites out there and lots of deals and the process is really slick. Bid My Bill is much more suited to the business community as business mobile contracts, which may have 50 phones involved, are a lot more flexible and so there is much more room for negotiation.’

Bid My Bill charges bidders 10p per auction, taking 3% of the contract value with b2b sales capped at £200. Customers wanting to auction their contracts register for a free account, upload their billing history and select preferred networks and handsets. Auctions last for seven days, with customers free to end the bidding at any time.

Editor: Carol Millett

Written by Mobile Today
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