4G will help cut costs and increase innovation

4G will help cut costs and increase innovation

A new study into 4G LTE business benefits reveals how the superfast network could help British firms increase innovation, boost productivity and cut costs.

Similar business benefits have been realised by US, Swedish, Japanese and German 4G LTE-enabled organisations since the technology was first introduced, according to the EE and Arthur D Little study.

The results come from 14 in-depth interviews with 4G LTE-enabled businesses worldwide and responses from more than 1,200 business decision makers. More than three quarters of US respondents (76%) agree 4G has helped their firms innovate and get ahead of the competition. More than eight out of ten US businesses surveyed (86%) get more work done on the move with 4G.

Martin Stiven, VP of business at EE, said: ‘4G is having a transformational effect on businesses across the world. It’s unsurprising 86% said that now they’ve experienced the benefits of 4G, they wouldn’t go back to 3G. We’re keen that British businesses reap the same rewards, helping them become more productive, efficient and innovative.’

Study author, Joseph Place from Arthur D Little, said: ‘Businesses are using 4G LTE to bring a more fundamental level of mobility to their organisations. For example, 4G can be used to set up a fully connected office almost anywhere, dramatically increasing agility and responsiveness. We also expect to see innovative 4G-specific products emerging, for instance in the mHealth arena.’

Editor: Shujaul Azam

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