Daisy searching for perfect Vodafone partners

Daisy searching for perfect Vodafone partners

Daisy Distribution will give a £15,000 development grant to a partner in a new Vodafone promotion.

New and existing partners have been invited to devise a marketing plan outlining how they would achieve sustained growth of their customer base if they were to receive the grant. They also need to show how they will support their existing base and detail how they can help businesses work better by using Vodafone's One Net Express service.

Partners must submit their pre-qualification entries for the Purusit of Perfection scheme by 31 December, followed by a formal plan showing how the investment will be spent. A panel of judges will select the winner by April 2013.

Julien Parven, marketing director at Daisy Distribution, said: 'This incentive is part of Daisy Distribution’s Perfect Partner Programme, the vehicle within which we manage our entire Vodafone business. And as it is just a part, the Pursuit of Perfection development grant is an addition to all other bonuses which are available. It is open to all our partners, whether they currently sell Vodafone or not.'

Editor: Graeme Neill

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