Dealers taking screen grabs to get EE cash

Dealers taking screen grabs to get EE cash

Orange and T-Mobile b2b dealers are being asked to take screen shots of all new deals and upgrades to ensure payment as EE continues to grapple with software problems on its payment platform.

EE is contacting Orange and T-Mobile b2b dealers this week to explain which types of sale create payment problems and the measures they can take to avoid them, such as screen grabs. It will also tell dealers how it plans to tackle claims for unpaid and incorrectly paid commissions and any claims for lost business. 

The operator is also warning dealers that the process will take time due to the ‘significant’ amount of claims which will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Some distributors are already asking all Orange and T-Mobile dealers to provide proof of all new connections and upgrades.

Carphone Warehouse Business launched a new payment process this week which guarantees all dealer commissions and upgrades from 1 February will be paid on time and any incorrect payment will be chased up by CPW Business staff, so long as dealers have provided adequate proof of their deals.

The payment problems arose in November last year after EE integrated its Orange and T-Mobile dealer payment systems. The glitches resulted in delayed and incorrect payments to thousands of new Orange and T-Mobile b2b connections and upgrades with some dealers forced to lay off staff and throttle back their business whilst waiting for recompense from EE.

Dealer Responses

‘We are already taking steps to confirm evidence of sales but we are a small business and with over 1,000 sales affected, at ten minutes a claim, it’s a waste of our time doing something the networks should be doing for us. It baffles me that EE cannot fix this after all this time.’

‘We have heard nothing about compensation and our sales are
down by nearly half. We’re wondering if it’s worth it but if we move operator how easy will it be to get any compensation from EE? And how long will claims take when they are being settled on a case-by-case basis?’

‘Having to take screen shots to prove our sales tells me this is a problem they can’t fix. Do we have to do this indefinitely to ensure we get payment? Does that mean that EE is only paying if there is evidence of a deal? This has been going on for months. We need answers.’


Author: Carol Millett

Written by Mobile Today
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Whats a disgrace from EE. Launching a network that is NOT ready. Even their staff dont know if a corporate client is on EE. Telling my clients they ar ...
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