EE slashes Orange b2b upgrade period to 30 days

EE slashes Orange b2b upgrade period to 30 days

EE is cutting upgrade periods on Orange b2b contracts from 90 days to just 30 days from April this year.

The operator cut upgrade loyalty periods on T-Mobile b2b contracts from 90 days to 30 days in November last year. An EE spokesman said: ‘We’re making some changes to the loyalty period for partners upgrading Orange business customers from 1st April. The loyalty period will be reduced from 90 days to 30 days, bringing it in line with our policy on T-Mobile across all B2B channels, and broadly in line with the industry. We’re advising all of our partners of this from today (15 February).’

The spokesman added: ‘We expect that some of our partners will be disappointed in this move, and we’ll be reassuring them that this is simply bringing our policies in line.’

The cuts to upgrade periods will be seen by many Orange dealers as yet another major blow to their businesses, sources said.

Meanwhile, in a separate move, the operator has pledged to manually pay all delayed and incorrect b2b Orange and T-Mobile commissions caused by software problems following the integration of its payment platforms in October last year.

The move to manually pay dealers for tens of thousands of pounds of delayed and incorrect commissions stretching back to October last year is seen by some in the industry as an attempt by the operator to ameliorate the news that Orange b2b upgrade perods will be cut by 60 days.

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