O2 steps up marketing training for dealers

O2 steps up marketing training for dealers

O2 is intensifying its b2b marketing drive this year with plans to extend its marketing training programme for its dealers.

The operator is ramping up its Marketing Matters Partner Programme, which was launched last year, with more seminars planned across the UK and the launch of online and webinar events. 

O2’s first Marketing Matters event of 2013 was held in Twickenham last week. The event, which was free to all O2 partners, saw more than 130 partners in attendance. The seminars include talks from marketing experts and workshops on b2b marketing trends, the importance of using social media as a marketing tool, how to run successful end to end marketing campaigns and how to increase referrals.

Speaking to Mobile, Zoe Frost, O2 head of SMB marketing, said: ‘It is about us supporting partners to develop their marketing activities.The programme aims to refresh partner marketing strategies. We want to help our partners move from a historically short term joint-funding model to a more strategic, long term model. We want to help build the marketing knowledge, capabilities and skills of our partners to drive through a more strategic approach to their marketing strategies.’

Frost said partner interest has been strong, with no fewer than 100 delegates at each event and with attendees ranging from marketing executives to senior management. Feedback from the events shows satisfaction levels running at over 90%, with 100% of attendees saying their knowledge of marketing had increased since the event and 96% reporting the event brought benefits to their businesses.

Frost said the seminars are delivering noticeable results in the way partners market their businesses. She said: ‘We have seen a marked shift in the way our partners approach marketing. There is a much greater focus. Previously they made very tactical requests for, say, individual print advertising or hospitality events. Now their campaigns are much more end to end and much more strategic.’

The programme plans to ‘take partners to the next level’. Pointing to the rise of social media as a marketing tool as an example, Frost said: ‘Marketing is changing at such a pace right now with the role and definition of marketing broadening all the time.’

‘The use of social media is still in an embryonic state in b2b right now. We are opening their eyes to the possibilities of what it can do for them.’


Author: Graeme Neill

Written by Mobile Today
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