Abzorb seeking to suck in new dealers

Abzorb seeking to suck in new dealers

Distributor Abzorb is accelerating its push into the mobile market with plans to more than double partner numbers from 239 to 500 by the end of 2015.

The distributor said it is experiencing a surge of interest from mobile dealers in its Abzorb Plus partnership programme, which was launched over three years ago after a trial with 12 founding partners. It now has 239 partners, of which 80% are fixed line dealers. Under the programme the company offers a white label wholesale proposition for dealers wanting to sell mobile services. The proposition allows dealers to bureau bill or own bill customers under their own brand.

Mike Walsh, Abzorb MD said: ‘Although we were not specifically targeting the mobile reseller market we have found that over the last six months they have been increasingly ringing us and without exception every one of those has decided that is the way to go.’

He added: ‘We are planning to add another 80 resellers this year and on present performance a high percentage will be mobile centric businesses. Just this month, out of 12 new partners, eight are mobile resellers.’

Walsh said rising interest from mobile dealers in Abzorb Plus is partly driven by mobile operators shifting from upfront payments to revenue share. He said: ‘Two years ago [mobile dealers] were not interested in our proposition as there was not enough upfront commissions for them, but a lot of that upfront money has been removed as operators have moved to revenue share. With us they get upfront commission and recurring revenues, from the first month.

‘We can also help dealers move into unified comms as well as help them maintain ownership of their customers.’ 

He added: ‘We also have the added attraction of strong alliances with BT Wholesale and Vodafone – as a solus partner – as well as second and third tier partnerships with Gamma and Cable&Wireless.

‘Added to that we have a supply chain linking into unified comms products.’

Abzorb also runs a direct sales team of 10 sales executives based along the M62 corridor, but Walsh said the company’s primary focus is to grow the business via its network of dealers.

The company is predicting major growth this year. Walsh said: ‘Our revenue grew 74% last year [on 2011] and has grown at a similar rate for the past three years, and with our
plans to add another 80 partners this year we expect continued strong organic growth.’

Walsh said the company may look to acquire another business in the future. He said: ‘We are fortunate given the climate that we don’t have to borrow funds. We have a solid financial platform and we may look to acquire in the future.’


Author: Carol Millett

Written by Mobile Today
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