Fresh sales and marketing drive for Communicate Better

Fresh sales and marketing drive for Communicate Better

Communicate Better is revamping its complete sales and marketing departments and moving to new premises in a bid to grow its cross-sales.

The unified comms provider is aiming to double the net £4m in turnover achieved last year. According to its director Mark Dermody, the surge in turnover will be driven by organic growth, the restructure in its sales and its marketing division and a move to larger premises.

Dermody said: 'Further growth is not necessarily going to come through more acquisitions. Although we have inherited many clients, most of our sales come organically by cross-selling. Jordan Smith has come over from TalkTalk to implement our telemarketing expansion, and we are also in the process of hiring a new sales director. We want to increase the  cross-sell to our existing bases.’

The company has been on an acquisition spree in recent years.  It bought IT company Advanced Computer Systems in 2010, which was followed by Greenhouse Telecom in 2011 and more recently the 2013 purchase of SCT Systems. It was with the acquisition of the former that the company started to move towards becoming a convergence business after starting life as a retail store.

Communicate is now selling products and services such as complete fixed-line systems, mobile phones, and vehicle efficiency and tracking. Dermody said he believes this full range of services, which he dubbed ‘the total business solution’, means it can beat its competition.

He said: ‘Nobody is doing unified comms right. They’re only doing it in parts. They may offer fixed line and mobile, but nobody else incorporates telematics solutions that monitor driver behaviour and add route optimisation with signature capture and job despatch.’

 He said these telematics products will help drive further sales and differentiate the business from rivals. He also pin-pointed the company’s progress outside of its native Greater Manchester potential to grow: ‘The purchase of Green House Telecom gives us access in the Yorkshire area where there is a lot of money being piled in by the government. There are lots of opportunities for us there.’
Its premises, are in close proximity to The One Point, fellow shortlister on the Mobile Industry Best Unified Comms category. However, Dermody believes that there is market share available as ‘they offer parts of the package, but not the complete package like us’.

Dermody said another office in Liverpool gives the company a significant foothold in the north. However, he said he is not content with the existing set-up. He said: ‘We have got to expand our premises drastically. We’ve only been in our current office for three years but we need to increase our office capacity from 3,500sq feet to 10,000sq feet within the next three to six months.
Editor: Matthew Campelli
Written by Mobile Today
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