Businesses to play wait and see with Vodafone 4G

Businesses to play wait and see with Vodafone 4G

Vodafone’s 4G business proposition faces challenges some days ahead of launch as only two-fifths of business leaders intend to take up the service in the next year.

A survey carried out by the operator questioned 554 respondents and revealed just 41% plans to start using 4G over the next 12 months. Despite this, 86% said 4G would increase their organisation’s productivity, while 55% acknowledged that 4G would benefit their company. Next generation mobile technology is poised to increase workplace efficiency as ‘genuine in-office experiences’ will be available to employees ‘wherever they are’. Of the respondents, 69% said their organisation had become more ‘responsive to employees and customers’ in the past three years and 4G would continue to develop that.

Just under three-fifths (58%) of leaders said employees had changed their attitude in relation to their ‘focus on work-life balance’. The report, A perfect storm: the role of 4G in the ‘age of me’, revealed the economic climate in the UK made consumers expect things immediately instead of being happy waiting. As a consequence, customers wanted to ‘deal with more responsive organisations’, while employees sought greater flexibility. 4G will enable workers to complete tasks regardless of location straight away rather than spend time unproductively.

Enterprise director of Vodafone UK Jeroen Hoencamp said: ‘There has been a revolution in the workplace. The focus is no longer on where and when you work it’s all about maximising productivity, increasing efficiency and ensuring customer satisfaction. At the heart of these innovative working practices is a renewed focus on greater collaboration across businesses enabled by increased data use.

‘We’re now seeing employees with different skillsets and from different departments coming together to work flexibly, collaborate and share competencies. Increasingly, better connectivity is enabling greater information flow between colleagues, 4G will only accelerate this trend towards collaboration.’

Author: Matthew Campelli

Written by Mobile Today
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