Nokia draws battlelines in b2b marketplace

Nokia draws battlelines in b2b marketplace

Nokia is aiming to nearly double its UK b2b market share by 2014, putting it in second place to BlackBerry.

The Finnish manufacturer is gunning for a greater share of the b2b space and has recently won a number of key contracts from BlackBerry for its Nokia Lumia devices, including a lucrative deal with Britvic to supply 800 Lumia 720 smartphones to the soft drink manufacturer. 

Nokia director of business sales for UK and Europe Adrian Williams told Mobile Nokia is close to inking a number of other significant b2b deals. 

He added: ‘Our market share with Windows Phone has grown from 0% to 11.5% in the last 18 months. Our ambition is to reach 20% by the end of 2013 as our momentum increases, which would position Nokia as number two in market share.’

As part of its aggressive drive into the b2b arena, Nokia is to launch a £1m online and digital business marketing campaign this week, aimed at persuading corporate and SME businesses to switch to Nokia Lumia devices.

The campaign, tagged ‘Nokia Lumia: designed for life, built for business’, will target b2b managers responsible for their companies’ mobile strategy. It will focus on educating businesses in how Nokia Lumia phones can intereact with other Microsoft office applications such as Device Management, Lync, SharePoint, OneNote, Exchange, Company Hub and SkyDrive.

Williams said: ‘What we will look to demonstrate is how enterprises can, and have, done more with many of the assets that they already have.’

Nokia is also turning its sights on the public sector following a UK government decision this week to approve Windows Phone 8 operating system for public sector BYOD schemes. 

The approval allows Windows phone manufacturers to compete in the public sector market alongside devices running BlackBerry, iOS6 and Android 4.2. 

The approval opens up a lucrative public sector market which makes up 25% of the UK’s business sector. Nokia is well positioned to benefit selling the lion’s share of Windows Phone 8 smartphones, with Lumia smartphones accounting for over 75% of Windows Phone sales in the UK. 

The manufacturer is expected to compete on price with devices like the Lumia 520 and Lumia 625 and on security of its Windows Phone 8 devices.

Williams said: ‘There is clearly a growing opportunity for Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone to position ourselves as the natural and most compelling solution for business.’ 

Nokia UK chief Conor Pierce also sang the praises of Nokia’s b2b progress this week. He told Mobile: ‘’We have been pushing on this door for two years and in the last six months those doors have never been more widely open with enterprises contacting us and operators, distributors and dealers all keen to drive our agenda. 

‘They see the huge opportunities on offer because of the seamless integration as well as the support and integrated services we offer.’


Author: Carol Millett

Written by Mobile Today
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Nokia director of business sales for UK and Europe Adrian Williams told Mobile Nokia is close to inking a number of other significant b2b deals. He ...
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