Sony eyeing slice of Apple’s success

Sony eyeing slice of Apple’s success

Sony wants to use the iPhone’s enterprise success as inspiration to break into the b2b sector.

The Japanese smartphone maker is predominantly known for its consumer offering but key account manager Nick Kyzer used the event to make its case for the business market. He said: ‘The iPhone is today’s most popular enterprise device. People use it because it’s a great looking phone, it’s easy to use and it has some great apps. The reality is this is where the business market is at the moment. It’s a prosumer market.’

Kyzer referred to Sony’s ‘large business footprint’ in Japan and its relationships with Juniper, Cisco, McAfee and IBM to project its enterprise pedigree. He added: ‘In the b2b arena we don’t play a considerable part, but it’s something we’re moving into. We’re an aspirational brand that consumers want. We have a strong portfolio of devices at different price points, and if you consider products like the Vaio laptops, you can see we’re a credible business brand.’


Author: Matthew Campelli

Written by Mobile Today
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