MVNA Gamma to double down on dealer connections

MVNA Gamma to double down on dealer connections

A blitz on dealer connections has led MVNA Gamma Mobile to predict its partner numbers will double during the next 12 months.

The company has seen mobile connections and revenue grow by 20% quarter on quarter this year and partner numbers rise by over a third in the past six months.

Gamma Mobile launched as an MVNA in July 2011 with just 35 MVNO partners on board, drawn from its base of over 600 fixed line  resellers. Since then partner numbers have risen from just over 100 in May this year to a current headcount of 140 partners.

The Vodafone MVNA’s product manager James McFadyen said partner numbers have been boosted by the launch of Gamma’s simplified MVNO partnership Mobile with Simplicity in February this year, which targets mobile dealers. 

The service offers a full billing service and very simple tariff structures, appealing to smaller dealers who want the flexibility of an MVNO partnership without the complexity and expense of running their own billing services. Under the deal Gamma controls the billing functions and sets the retail rates, with partners taking a margin off that rate.

McFadyen said: ‘We have taken on over 12 partners on Mobile with Simplicity over the past quarter and we have six more pending, that we expect to come onboard early next year.’

He added: ‘If the level of interest continues at this rate we should have up to 40 Mobile with Simplicity partners by the end of next year.’

McFadyen said the Mobile with Simplicity proposition is attracting greater numbers of small mobile dealers to Gamma Mobile, rather than Gamma’s traditional base of fixed line resellers. He said: ‘We have quite a diverse base now but to begin with it was mainly fixed line resellers, whereas now we have a lot more mobile-centric suppliers who are looking for greater control over their base of customers and access to our Simplicity portal.

‘Typically it is attracting dealers without their own billing system or those that have experience in mobile market and who want to gain control over their connections.’

McFadyen said Mobile with Simplicity was a potential breeding ground for future Gamma MVNO partners. He said: ‘As Simplicity customers mature and get used to Gamma’s offering we do expect to see some of them move to a full MVNO. It is a very simple transition but we are very flexible and we don’t like to dictate to our partners so we leave that decision up to them. It is about what they feel comfortable with.’


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