Gusto Telecom clinches deal with Maplin

Gusto Telecom clinches deal with Maplin

Gusto Telecom has sealed a deal with electronics specialist Maplin which will see the distributor’s Juice mobile accessories ranged across the electronics giant’s 250 stores from next month.

Gusto Telecom is experiencing rapid growth since its launch in 2012, Gusto Telecom founder and CEO Joleyn Bennett told Mobile. He said: ‘We have launched in five countries so far, across 2,000 stores. Our retail partners include John Lewis, Vodafone, Carphone Warehouse, O2, Dixons and Sainsbury’s and now we have signed this significant deal with Maplin, who are taking our entire SKU of Juice and Smart Mobile Accessories.

Bennett said Gusto was gaining recognition in the market. ‘It is a lot easier to get people to range our products now. We are really getting traction in the accessories market. We have had significant growth in sales which grew 340% last year with this January our biggest month ever.’

Bennett attributes Gusto’s strong performance to a strategy of providing high quality accessories to quality retailers. He said: 'Unlike a lot of distributors who just shift stock we are obsessed with making the consumer experience as good as it can be. We don’t just sell products to the retailer then walk away. We focus on selling ‘’through’’ rather than ‘’in’’ so we are very focused on creating products the consumers want.

'The reason we are growing so fast is that our retailers can see that our products are selling through and that gives them more confidence in ranging more of our products.’

He added: ‘We sold over 1 million Juice power cartons last year and we are aiming to double that figure this year.’

Gusto Telecom has a staff of 16 employees, which has doubled since January 2013. However Bennett said he had no plans to launch a recruitment drive following last year’s rapid growth.

‘We will add staff as and when we need them. We also have a policy of not recruiting from the mobile industry where unfortunately too many people are set in their ways to be successful in the modern market.’

Bennett, who has previously worked at distributors Unique, Brightstar and Shebang, is keen to manage Gusto Telecom’s growth. He explained: ‘We try to keep as lean as possible. I have seen too many companies in this business grow too quickly, employ too many people and then fail. I want to create sustainable growth. The most important focus for me is net profitability and cash flow of the business. My mantra is ‘’revenue is vanity, profitability is sanity’’.


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